Lobo & Degenere w/ Moresounds Live (Astrophonica, Cosmic Bridge)

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Date(s) - 18/11/2017
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Lobo & Degenere presents

MORESOUNDS (Cosmic Bridge – Astrophonica)

A night of Future Beats, Jungle, Dub, Bass Music

Sabato 18 Novembre arriva a Milano direttamente da Parigi, MORESOUNDS, uno dei producer più eclettici della scena Future Beats. Il Dub Master francese, capace di fondere i ritmi Jamaicani con i suoni tipicamente UK, amalgamandoli con l’Hip Hop e la cultura Rave, porterà in scena al Leoncavallo il suo energico live set, omaggiando i capostipiti del genere e maghi del mixer come King Tubby e Mad Professor.

From 23.00




(ormeye, Daemon Tapes, Turbojazz)

Visual by RE_LIGHT

Paris-based Moresounds is a proud student of Tubby, a man who found his artistic voice not only in the echoes of the Kingston pioneer’s legacy but also the grooves of hip hop and the psychedelia of rave and dance music. Moresounds’ music is that rare thing: a real synthesis of dub and dance music aesthetics, pulling from the enduring, mutating DNA strands of each to create something that’s beyond a mere mixture of styles.
This approach caught the attention of Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge label in 2012 before his debut EP on Astrophonica in 2013.
At a time when the scene Astrophonica has most closely been associated with thus far is experiencing a new influx of innovation from its outer edges that resonates with those within who have continued to push the sound forward, Moresounds makes the perfect case for established labels and producers to give worthy newcomers a chance to say their piece while turning a few heads and making bodies sweat in the dance.

👉 sabato 18 novembre 2017 dalle ore 23:00
👉 ingresso a sottoscrizione € 5,00

Leoncavallo Spazio Pubblico Autogestito
via Watteau, 7 – Milano

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