Mellow Mood feat. Kabaka Pyramid – Mr. Global (Official Video)


Official video for Mr. Global by Mellow Mood feat. Kabaka Pyramid.

Director + Producer + Edit: SAMO
Cinematography: Fernando Hevia
Location Manager + PA: Lemar Grant
Camera Assistant: Kash Burrell

Joslyn “Bird” Stewart – Security
Tamara “Plummy” Francis- Secretary
Rojae “Trakkle” Francis – Police
Kayson ” Shortpiece” Nelson – Police
David Saunders – Shopkeeper
Gwenette “Ms. Tinzy” Whyte – Lady

℗ © 2020 La Tempesta Dub under exclusive license to Ineffable Records.

Stream/buy here:


Mr. Global, Mr. Global
I bet you affi hear fi wi songs
Mr. Global, Mr. Global
Too busy putting all man down
Mr. Global, Mr. Global
Lies you a tell too long
Mr. Global, Mr. Global
Too busy putting all man down

Mr. Global have two face and dem a gwaan like dem a enemies
But both a dem obey di same liberalist legacy
Dem neva touch di root a di problem wid dem recipe
Same scorn fi di people, zero remedies
Globalist spoil di colonies and mek di people waan go
Claim seh dem so welcoming, move people like a cargo
But wah dem a go get yahso nothing becaw yuh plan so
Poor man along wid poor man dat a yuh favourite tango
Mi seh you tun big man
Wha mek you leggo you mouth pon tell-lie-vision
Everybody equal, ah dat fi you slogan
But equal to wha, when you nuh care bout no one?

Mr global you nuh innocent at all and we see it
Instead of bridge you build a fence, wall man a pree
A few refugee dem in a tent a bawl and a plead
When dem beg you fi come in dem all a fall pon dem knees
But you still no listen dem, you just build the prison dem
And people with them different color skin you fill it up with them
And have the nerve fi tell we seh you no racist
You same one put all my people pon slave ships
Then economically underdevelop we
Just because of jealousy
You’re capturing my culture now
You’re marketing my melodies
And likkle misdemeanor you charging us with felony
I haffi burn the fire fi the hell of it

Global, Mr. Global
Ah Mr. Global, lie you ah tell


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