UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE new album Big Simon


Universal Language is the first Big Simon “solo” album produced by Rupa Rupa Records (historic label from Campania) and by BIGS Records (Big Simon label) mixed and mastered by Gabriele Loria aka Billyman

An hard and ambitious record work with 17 tracks entirely sung in English and Jamaican patois, which sees the participation of many artists, musicians and producers from all over the world like Luciano, Everton Blender, BB Seaton, Dean Fraser, Earl Chinna Smith, Tonto Irie, Altafaan Records, Raggatack, N.a.p.e.m Records, Dub Foundation and many more.
“UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE” is out on all digital platforms and in CD format plus a 7 inch 45 rpm vinyl with two big selected tracks from the album.

Il Brano è nella playlist Reggaeit di Spotify insieme a tanti altri brani recensiti !! SEGUILA

“Universal Language”, video feat. LUCIANO
Produced by Rupa Rupa Records and Bigs Records

video by : Federico Giannace ( www.macooola.com )
Riddim by Dub Foundation Sound System (Brazil)

1 – White Skin Black (feat Horace Andy , Earl Chinna Smith )
2 – Universal Language (feat Luciano)
3 – Jah love (feat Everton Blender)
4 – Follow the love
5 – We have a plan (feat Tonto Irie)
6 – Working Man (feat Purpleman)
7 – Search the Truth
8 – Got to prepare (feat Norris man)
9 – Never give up
9 – My italian girl (feat B.B Seaton)
11 – No other like you
12 – Love from a distance (feat Irie Love)
13 – Too hasty
14 – Me deserve it (feat Bunny General , Papa Buju )
15 – Full of Colours
16 – The Heathen
17 – One Song a day

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YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgZjMDZi2T-an8nKo2tkLw
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/big.simon/


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