Tarantola presenta il nuovo singolo “You Are Not Alone” | 2021


Tarantola is a London based Reggae-Dub band that comprises 5 energetic musicians who come from Italy, Brasil and England – and who share their diverse musical influences to bring vibrant, energetic performances and music releases to international audiences.

Mauro Lacandia, the main writer, hailing straight from the boot of Italy, seeks to recreate the legend of “Taranta”, (the traditional music from Salento) the spider that bites people and brings them to a state of trance that can only be cured with dance, music and love!

Tarantola presents their first 2021 single release belongings to a cycle of Reggae self-produced releases that started in 2020 with Stay Home (35000 streams)

“You Are Not Alone” is a relatable, catchy and energetic Reggae tune with whom the band wants to connect with their very multicultural audience by making them feel an active part of this growing tribe and inviting them to be part of their music and videos; Tarantola’s web connects all these cultures together!

You Are Not Alone is a celebration of the good times coming and a hug of support to all those people who are missing their home, missing reality and are feeling lost or disconnected from the one we used to call society until one year ago!

The symbolism of the band recalls the 3 Jamaican colours which are also very common in the tradition of Salento music and culture: Red, Yellow and Green. Red representing Love, Connection, Passion; Yellow representing the Sun, the warmth and green representing the Hope and the Olive trees, all elements you can find in Tarantola’s song.

Tarantola wants to reach out to all those people who believe that together we can change lives by giving a bit of our time, kindness and empathy.

Tarantola has performed in many prestigious venues and festivals: Koko (London) supporting The Feeder, Camp Bestival (Lulworth Castle) , London Remixed Festival 2 RichMix London, Hootananny (Brixton-Sold Out) , Arts by the River Festival (Bournemouth – Headliners), The Scoop London (Headliners) and started to gain interest by many Reggae Blogs across different countries such as CBN, Nam-Radio, Angel Vibes Reggae Life, Sunshine Reggae, Vintage Reggae Cafe and many more.

You Are Not Alone by Tarantola is out the 5th of February .


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